Sell a business

Through the process of selling a business involving analysis, valuation, advertising and negotiations, ending with a successful sale, CIC Inc., represents your company professionally and confidentially.

CIC Inc., works with you to determine the need, opportunity and method of presenting your business to a selected and targeted market of buyers.

We work with you to develop the optimum valuation of your business.

We work to develop and inplement a targeted marketing plan for the presentation of your business.

We advertise your business through "blind, non-identifying" ads to a specific market.

We prepare and publish a confidential presentation package to represent your business.

We work with you in developing the financial structure for the sale of your business.

We work to balance both Seller and Buyer needs and host negotiations between both parties.


We prepare closing documents and facilitate expedited closing arrangements to complete the sale.

The Buying Process

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Contact us to schedule a time to discuss your business needs.

We understand the demands of owning and operating a business, and remain available outside of standard business hours and weekends.

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