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Our Experience

With over 40 years of structuring genuine Buyer and Seller relationships, CIC Inc., works to go beyond the sale of every business transaction.

Our Approach

From a single point of contact, we work to provide a personal consultation to help identify gaps and opportunities necessary to prepare your business for sale. Following this initial discussion, our firm completes a comprehensive business valuation based on a combination of asset, earning and market factors. Following the valuation phase, we work to establish financing through preferred lending partners and locate qualified buyers interested to make a purchase. Once all parties are aligned, a closing is facilitated to finalize the transaction.

Why Us?

We work under the strictest confidentiality to protect both buyer and seller interests. Most of our business transactions are completed behind closed doors, with minimal need for advertising. This is possible as we maintain close relationships with business owners, investors and preferred lenders across many industries.

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We understand the demands of owning and operating a business, and remain available outside of typical business hours and weekends.

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