Buy a business

 The decision to buy a business represents a major financial investment. CIC Inc., invites prospective buyers to enter into a carefully detailed process of analysis, valuation and negotiation to establish a partnership by reaching a sound business decision together.

CIC Inc., works with prospective Buyers to determine correct pairing of opportunities available through correlation of ownership interests, strengths and capabilities.

We invest time and talent to locate and qualify quality business listings to offer our Buyers.

We leverage partnerships with preferred lenders to offer exceptional rates and expedited processing.

We work to protect the confidentiality of both Buyer and Seller.

We work with prospective Buyers to review and interpret the confidential presentation package to ensure adequate transparency of the Seller's business.

We provide quality of service to both the Buyer and Seller, through a policy of listing a limited number of select business listings at any point in time.

We work to balance both Seller and Buyer needs and host negotiations between both parties.


We prepare closing documents and facilitate expedited closing arrangements to complete the buying process.

The Selling Process

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Contact us to schedule a time to discuss your business needs.

We understand the demands of owning and operating a business, and remain available outside of standard business hours and weekends.

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